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The Whiting Group exists to assist you (our client)  in recruiting and retaining the leadership and talent that will be required  to achieve your goals.

We also help you get the most from your talent with contract services in talent assessment, organizational structure, compensation and incentive structure to ensure that you make the most of your talent investment

We are industry specialists, serving the Outdoor, Wintersports, Bicycle, Surf, Skate and Yoga industries.


As functional generalists, The Whiting Group is a resource in all areas of your business.  We have placed CEO's, Presidents and General Managers plus functional heads in Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering, Finance, Operations and Human Resources.

And if the best practices that you require dictate recruiting from another industry, we are unparalleled in gauging industry/cultural fit in the candidates that we recruit.



We have worked with leading U.S. and global brands in each industry that we serve.  

Most of our client relationships span multiple searches and years of partnership.  Out longest-standing client relationship spans 15 years and 13 searches across multiple functional areas.


Our long relationships enable The Whiting Group to function as a true extension of your company and brand.

Your business . . .

Regardless of how you define success, leadership supported by the right talent is critical to build your strategy and/or achieve your company's objective(s) - to bring the change, the innovation, the performance and/or the results that you desire.

The Whiting Group is an effective partner in change-management: (1) identifying and engaging the strategic leader and/or finding the source for the best-practices that are required to realize your company's goal(s), (2) screening, assessing and assistance in selection of candidates (behavioral-interviewing, references) that bring the requisite skill set while gauging the cultural fit of each and every candidate, and (3) advising in the areas of succession, training and development, organizational structure and compensation to ensure maximum ROI on your talent investment (reducing turnover/improving retention through intentional talent management - effective reviews, incentive compensation, etc.).


99 Cedar Point Drive, 

Williams Bay, WI 53191-9749

Tel: 630-858-5149

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